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Over the past decade I've been making things, I always wanted to find a way to give back to those who were in need of some love and comfort.  I have several different ways I give back.  My main is through my 10% donation of all sales to the Michael J Fox Foundation supporting Parkinson's Research.

First, the contribution is pillowcases for children and teens in need of something fun and cheerful to lay their heads on.

Second, I chose to make receiving-size blankets for infants that needed some extra bundling or warmth.

Third, little blankets for toddlers or lap blankets for the elderly & veterans. (Roughly need the same size)

Fourth, dog or cat beds and toys out of my scraps are too small for the above for those animals in shelters that need some comfort and warmth and a place to feel safe.

Fifth, scarves for the homeless or less fortunate.  Every winter I donate a couple hundred scarves to local churches to give out with their mitten projects and other donations for those less fortunate.  Simple fleece scarves with cute prints and fringe.  The first year was 250 to my daughter's preschool, this year was 500.  I make them year round so come cold months there is an abundance for as many as need them.

Sixth, is in the process of mapping out financing.  Water-resistant blankets for the homeless & homeless veterans. Made out of fleece and nylon which holds in warmth and allows some protection from the elements.  I love all the people making no-sew blankets for the homeless but I started to see a flaw one day: cleanliness ability and water issue, double-sided fleece gets super saturated once wet on one rainy day.  I wanted to make these so they could stay warm and dry and roll them up with Velcro strapping and easily take it with them.  I also wanted to find local laundromats willing to help the homeless wash and dry their blankets, even if it was a laundry card they could get from a shelter.

Most of my donations are items I also make and sell but it was my way to get people to think and look and be involved.  Tying the community into spreading the warmth and helping an artist keep creating and raising a family!  If you have ideas, questions, or a project you need help with, please send me a message I'd love to talk with you.

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