HAND WARMER PAIR (Large-Adults) - Yeti Cotton::Red Cotton

HAND WARMER PAIR (Large-Adults) - Yeti Cotton::Red Cotton

The Heart Room

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  • All handwarmers are made with flannel or cotton materials.
    • Some are backed with minky or sweatshirt knit.
  • Small size measures roughly 3x3 square: best for kids
  • Larger size measures roughly 4x4 square: best for adults and larger hands
  • Instructions for use:
    • Heat as is in microwave for 15 seconds to start and 30 seconds at the most.
    • Be sure to shake the rice around to avoid hot spots.
    • Take care when handling at first, it may be hotter than expected.
    • Be sure it’s not too warm before handing off to a child.

  • Custom patterns and sizes can be made upon request.

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