COVID-19 Update and All Information I could Gather!

As things continue to change, we will continue to adapt to better serve and help those around us. On a personal level, we have raised over $400.00 for #TeamFOX since the CDC required the use of personal face masks and we began selling to the general public.  We are planning to offer an easier way by listing individual options instead of just generic male or female by size, even though we will be leaving that for those that are not looking for something more specific.

Together, my daughter and I, took on a project with Wilmington, DE Mayor office to help deliver masks to their underprivileged and successfully ended up delivering 1500 childrens masks. 
Check out their amazing dedication and contribution to their city here:  


We are still going strong and still committed to helping as many as we can.

If you have been following my Fan Page, I have partnered with and (Also known on Facebook as Nurses In Need - Delaware County, PA - CoVid19 Mask Sewing Group). Both organizations are working tirelessly with various hospitals, nursing homes, local police and fire to ensure that our most front-line workers are protected as well as other areas in need. 

At Love to Sew, Mariel DiNatale,  is working to achieve her Gold Award for Girl Scouts.  But in order to achieve her award, she will be handling some distribution, managing and overall effort for Chester County.

If you have any questions about how to help or get started or any general communications about making the face masks (patterns, directions, construction, etc...) and delivery of the face masks are to be directed to Mariel at
      1846 Huntsman Lane West Chester PA (the house has a horseshoe driveway)
Please put all finished masks in labeled containers on the front door step. 

If you are interested in donating or getting masks for your organization, please direct them to: Judi at
The address for picking up all fabric and elastic supplies and dropping off fabric and elastic donations is:
     23 W. Pennsbury Way Chadds Ford, PA 1931

At Nurses in Need, we are always looking for volunteers and others willing to spread and share the work we do or help make things. You can go to their website and fill out the form to volunteer, or there is a link to donate.  If you are an organization in need, there is also a request section. 

Mask Drop Off for this Group is primarily:
     226 Ivy Mills Rd, Glen Mills, PA 19342
But other locations can be found on their website.  
Primary Contact is Emily Dugan

A few other patterns and helpful videos:

Here is a link for a free download for a pattern to help us make masks
Thanks to for making this available!
Here are some helpful links for where we have been sucessful on supplies, asides from good ole Amazon:
Buttons:  Elastic:  Fabric:  (By far my Favorite!!!) (Good for solids, but about 30 days out on orders) (Good for prints and solids but about 30 days out on orders) (Hit or miss on orders and availability is often cancelled, its a surprise!)

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