COVID-19 Update and All Information I could Gather!

photo curtesy of the stitching scientist. All rights and copyrights are strictly theirs I am using this only for educational purposes and I give full credit to them.

COVID-19 Info and How you the reader can help out your fellow medical staff. Please take the time to read and see if this is an opportunity you would like to be a part of. Thanks in advance.

Here is a link for a free download for a pattern to help us make masks

thanks to for making this available! and if you need help designing the masks here is a handy little YouTube


Customized Jewelry

Dress and Matching Necklace Made for Graduation
The piece shown in the picture was for my daughter's 8th grade graduation and the dress she chose.  All the beads match and there are two charms that say BELIEVE and DREAM.  It is a 3 layered necklace with each level unique and matching the dress.

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