Pillowcases & Bedding

Random collection of pillowcases in all kinds of prints, fabrics, textures and designs.

20% off of $12 or more automatically applied
I love using remnants to create patchwork one-of-a-kind designed pillowcases.
Stock is always revolving and new styles and designs are being added regularly.
Please check out my Philanthropic Project which allows you to purchase a pillowcase at cost value, and it is then donated to any children in need.
We work with Binky Patrol, Cindy's Baking Angels and some local hospitals and youth programs.
Assorted Pillowcases
I am always open to do custom orders upon request and fabric availability.
A Reference for Custom Orders: A Size Chart for Pillow size
10% of all sales are donated to #TeamFOX for Parkinson's Research
TeamFOX for Parkinson's Research

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