Display Card - 2.5x4.25 - 44pcs - Pearl Magenta Pink

Display Card - 2.5x4.25 - 44pcs - Pearl Magenta Pink

The Heart Room

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  • Paper Size: 2.25" x 4.25" 
  • Paper Pattern & Design: Pearl Magenta Pink
  • Type of Jewelry: Earings

  • Quantity: 44pcs

  • Hand cut jewelry earring hang cards for displaying earrings. Punched with 2 to 4 holes for earring spacing. Quality card stock and straight or fancy edging for a professional look. Some cards have fancy bottom edge detail. I do not have the ability to print names on the cards, you can get the clear address labels or other such ideas to affix names and prices.
  • Please note that sizes are approximated and as close to size mentioned as possible, but all cards are hand cut individually. They are also punched individually. Also, some colors are all that was left of certain paper and are not available anymore.

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