Potholder - NHL Philadelphia Flyers Cotton::Black Flannel

Potholder - NHL Philadelphia Flyers Cotton::Black Flannel

The Heart Room Handmade

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  • Print: [NHL Philadelphia Flyers Cotton] backed with [Black Flannel]
  • ~~Custom orders depend on the available fabric but can be done relatively quickly. Specialty fabric will incur an extra charge based on type.
  • ~*~*~If there is something you’re looking for that you don't see, please send me a message and I will work with you to ensure satisfaction.
  • All potholders are made with cotton and flannel materials. Insulbright is in between the two pieces. Some potholders have a loop for hanging, however, it is not guaranteed that you will receive a potholder with a loop upon your purchase.  
  • The size is roughly 7x7, some variation will happen.
  • Dye lot variations do happen with different fabrics.

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